Seasonal Blues

So..happy post-Thanksgiving. I’ll be honest – I hate this time of year. It’s been stressful since the kids were small, but now it has some terrible associations: my father was diagnosed with lung cancer in November of 2005 and died in January 2007, and my brother died ten months later on Veteran’s Day. Not much to be cheery about.

This season has been full of ups and downs. Our middle daughter organized get out the vote efforts for Hillary Clinton and Democratic candidates in New Hampshire. Oldest daughter and I went up before the election and spent five days canvassing and doing paperwork. It was a real pleasure – having lived exclusively in red states, I’ve never been on the giving or receiving end of canvassing. MD’s area outperformed expectations, and despite the horrific Presidential election result, New Hampshire went blue, with a win for Clinton, a flipped Senate seat, and an all-Democratic and all-female Congressional delegation. We’re really proud of her and the work she did.

I keep looking for the overall silver lining, but it’s really hard to find. I miss the hell out of Danielle Juzan, who wrote here in the past as Del. I still can’t believe she’s gone. Her commentary on this election would have been priceless.

This place is called Birmingham Blues, and I definitely have them. But hiding under the covers isn’t an option in Trumpworld. I’ll shake it off. Resistance is NOT futile.

2 thoughts on “Seasonal Blues”

  1. “Hard, Lord, ain’t it hard…” Been listening to a huge amount of Woody Guthrie just lately. This time of year grinds me down, too.

    And then I can see my BCBS doubling or worse in a few weeks. Which will be great, when they gut Medicare, meaning I ain’t gettin’ any, AND the poor healthcare center where I work may go under when that funding dries up. DOUBLE BONUS!

    I keep busy getting things that need doing done, especially annoying little around-the-house jobs – then reward myself with things I just want to do. I thought the creativity was bled out of me; what a relief and blessing to find out differently.

    Keep hoping, keep going. You’re not alone. Look me up if you ever need to rant and/or talk.

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